New patient-oriented care pathways

Workpackage #7

New patient-oriented care pathways

In order for the results generated by iCARE4CVD to find their way into
clinical practice, WP7 will focus on developing and implementing cost-
effective, patient-oriented care pathways.

A CVD care pathway is a healthcare management tool that can be used to
coordinate and standardize the care of patients with CVD. They are used
to outline the recommended sequence of treatment and can exist to aid
healthcare professionals such as doctors or even be developed for patient
to use themselves.

By combining the results of WPs 1-6, we aim to discuss these novel care
pathways with patients and healthcare professionals alike, enabling
iCARE4CVD to create tools with real-world applications – such as more
accurate diagnosis, treatment response, and risk prediction. 

Meet our team


Benoît Tyl, MD


Maastricht University

Arantxa Barandiarán Aizpurua

Cardiologist specialist

Maastricht University

Hans – Peter Brunner – La Rocca, Prof. Dr.

Project Coordinator

Novo Nordisk

G. Kees Hovingh

Senior Medical Officer


Joke Orsel , PhD

Clinical Scientist


Thijs van den Broek , PhD

Clinical Scientist

Queen’s University Belfast

Loreena Hill , Dr.

Queen ’ s University, Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast

Donna Fitzsimons

Professor of Nursing & Head of School of Nursing & Midwifery

Maastricht University

Christof Peters, MD

Maastricht University

Scientific Institute for Health Economics and Health Systems Research

Franziska Sende

Research associate

Scientific Institute for Health Economics and Health Systems Research

Ines Weinhold

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